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Without Consent

Rape is a subject that is too often treated as shameful and taboo. Without Consent aims to raise awareness about this serious matter and open a conversation to discuss the issue of rape culture and its cycle throughout our history. The series examines the sexual abuse of women in Victoria, in both early colonial times and current day, questioning the lack of significant changes to the traumas perpetrated on so many women. In-depth research through newspapers and archives locates stories and sites. Specimens of flora are then removed from these locations; the violence of the removal is reminiscent of historical trauma perpetrated. These specimens are then used to create camera-less lumen prints in which the flowers take on shapes of the scars that continue to occur in a never-ending cycle. Every image becomes a portrait of a sexual assault victim - a memory of trauma and a reminder of the violent cycle which carries on into the present day.

Every image is a plant removed from a carefully researched location of sexually abuse. Every image is a true story. Every image is a woman damaged.

This project is ongoing. Survivors of sexual abuse are welcomed with open arms to being part of this narrative. All that is required is a plant that has been held in your hands. Any further information is entirely up to the individual. Anonymity is more than welcome for the naming of the image and any private details will remain so. Please email me at if you would like to take part.

Without Consent speech from exhibition opening May 2021
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