In this ongoing series I am researching, memorialising and creating an apology for the traumas perpetrated when white settlers took Australia from the existing inhabitants. So many murders and massacres occurred and were hidden from history. It is only recently that these are starting to be revealed and confronted, no longer are we able to tell ourselves that these events were simply rumours.

 I seek to discover how trauma can be photographed long after the even has occurred and memory has almost disappeared by revealing the ways in which scars of past events remain hidden with the psyche of the land.

Corio Bay 1803, 2+ Wadawurrung males killed.


Indented head 1836, 1 Wadawurrung male killed.


Mt Cottrell, Werribee River 1836, 10 Wadawurrung killed.


Cowies Creek 28 March 1837, 4 Wadawurrung shot


GolfHill Station, Shelford 1837, 2 Wadawurrung killed.


Leigh River 1838, Wadawurrung male killed.


Mt. Mercer, 1839, 6 Dja Dja Wurrung killed.


Lib Lib Station, Moolap C1842, Unknown number of Wadawurrung killed.


Buninyong 1847, 2 Wadawurrung killed.