Gorgeous gay wedding at Ceres Environmental Park!

Oh, I'm so behind with this, but it was just so daunting trying to cut the images from Jami and Claire's wedding to just a handful for this blog! They're such an amazing couple, so obviously in love and that showed through the whole day. Along with their young son, family and friends, they held their wedding (still technically a commitment ceremony thanks to our political system which is yet to recognise gay marriage...grr!) at Ceres Environmental Park in Brunswick on a perfect April day. The park is the most wonderful location for a wedding, with wandering paths leading to so many different areas full of potential for photography!

Jami and Claire's pre-wedding session at Ceres Environment Park, Melbourne.

Jami and Claire's pre-wedding session was at Ceres Environment park in Brunswick, which is where they're going to be having their wedding ceremony as well. While same-sex marriages are not yet legal here in Australia, it's great to see couples doing their own ceremonies their way. With no standing precedents, tradition can be thrown out the window and it's all about the couple and their commitment of love for one another rather than just the rituals. I can't wait for their ceremony, it's going to be so much fun! Their little boy is so adorable too. Kids and weddings are so much fun, because they're just so unpredictable!

I love doing pre-wedding sessions with my wedding clients. It helps us to get to know one another, it helps you to feel relaxed in front of my camera and it helps me to see those special things that will help me make your wedding photos really special and individual.