Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day 2018

Yesterday was Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day, where people all over the world go out and shoot pinhole cameras. I recently purchased a Reality So Subtle 4x5 pinhole so this was the perfect time to give it a test and experiment. 

Setting up a shot with my Reality So Subtle 4x5 camera. It's such a wonderfully made camera.

I decided to develop my paper negatives in Caffenol as I'd been wanting to experiment with this on paper. 

Caffenol recipe for paper negatives (courtesy Daphne Schnitzer, facebook)
1L water
49g washing soda
16g Vit C powder
40g instant coffee

The negatives developed quickly compared to my usual mix of dilute Ilford MG, next time I'll try diluting this one too as I like the control of slower development. I was blown away by the tonality and the sharpness that the Caffenol brings. I had a shot I'd taken a while ago for comparison, and the Caffenol negative seems to have a broader range and is much easier to scan and post process. The only trouble is that it's such a dark colour that it's impossible to see what's going on while it's developing. I do like it though, and it easily processed nine 4x5 negatives without exhausting.

Reality So Subtle 4x5 Pinhole on paper negative, developed in Caffenol.


Reality So Subtle 4x5 Pinhole on paper negative, developed in Caffenol.


I took two shots of this last one and was very interested in the results I got from the second version. It was completely accidental. First off, I post-flash my paper under my enlarger for 0.4 seconds so I get less contrast. With this one, I accidentally turned the enlarger on rather than the timer, so it effectively got about 15 seconds of light by the time I'd finished going "Ahhh shit" and trying to find the off button in the dark. 

I decided I'd throw it in the developer anyway as it was the last one to be done, and it developed very dark and very quickly. It didn't seem worth saving so i threw it in some water and turned on my darkroom light to check on the previous ones. Turning my head, I noticed a faint image on the paper, so I had to run to turn off the light and throw the print into the fixer, figuring that this would have really completely buggered it anyway. When I turned the light back on, I could see I still had a faint image, I was completely surprised. Scanned it up and was blown away by my results. I absolutely love it. Now to go and find expired, fogged papers to get this result on purpose!

Reality So Subtle 4x5 Pinhole on very fogged paper negative, developed in Caffenol.