Portraits at The Old Paper Mills, Fyansford

I took the lovely Miss Caz down to the Old Paper Mills at Fyansford where we did a shoot in the rain. We both got a bit damp, and poor Caz nearly froze, but it was worth it! I wanted to try a slightly new look and she's always willing to be my (absolutely gorgeous) guinea pig :D

If you get a chance head out to the Mills for a visit; it's an amazing space and we have both decided that the Door Gallery Cafe on the premises is our new favourite cafe; awesome coffee and a great space to relax! The art studio next doors is great as well, and everyone out there is so friendly and welcoming. So check it out, we're so very lucky to have people around who are saving these wonderful old places and turning them into such special areas!

Images shot using a combination of film and digital. I'm just adoring film and loving being able to home develop my black and whites once again!