Pre-wedding at Barongarook

Tomorrow I get to photograph James and Anette's wedding at their home in Barongarook, near Colac, so I thought I'd better get hopping and actually post their pre-wedding images! I always have so much trouble selecting my favourites! Their young son George was just so very cute, I always love when couples have a child who gets to share in this amazing day with their parents as well, it makes it so very special for all involved.

The weather here is so all over the place at the moment, fingers crossed we don't get rain! Overcast would be great, but not rain for an outdoor wedding. Here's hoping! I know it's going to be a wonderful wedding though; they have Nettie Hulme as their celebrant, and Anette's family are coming over from Finland for the occasion too. They were such a fun couple at the pre-wedding session - so relaxed and fun to be around, so I'm very much looking forward to creating some great memories for them!