365 Project - Day 1/365

I'm starting a 365 day mobile photography project to see where it will take me. I've become obsessed lately with creating images on my iPhone; it's so much fun and really challenges the way I see and create images.

My goal is to celebrate the things that make Geelong unique and special; to find those things that most of us who live here go past everyday without paying any attention to. There's a lot to love in this strange little city and I'm sure I can find at least a few of them! (Plus cats...coming from me there has to be at least a few cats photos included in this project - my apologies in advance to any non catlovers!)

Lookout at Gaylard Avenue, Newtown, Geelong

Lookout at Gaylard Avenue, Newtown, Geelong

Taken on the iPhone 6+, using the wide angle Moment Lens attachment from momentlens.co

Apps used:
vividHDR to shoot
Provoke for b&w conversion
Snapseed for frame