Holga wanders

Wandering around my home town of Geelong with a Holga in hand. When you know your town pretty well you tend to miss a lot of the details that make it special so I wanted to explore areas I don't normally think of being places to photograph.

Barwon Grange and Holga

I think I may have found a new obsession! I could quite easily shoot with nothing but the Holga at this point, I'm just loving it. Portraits may have to be tried soon!

Barwon Grange is an old National Trust property in Geelong. It's a fascinating place with an interesting history and is great to visit. The tour guides are very friendly and knowledgeable, definitely a place to go see if you have a spare Sunday afternoon!

Melbourne with a toy camera

Holga cameras are wonderful, plastic film cameras. Very limited controls, limited quality, plastic lenses, they strip away all but the essentials (and even some of those!) and make you see in a completely different manner. You never quite know what's going to be in focus, random light leaks appear and vignettes around the edges of the frames all add to the appeal of these cameras.  I'm having a great time exploring the possibilities and loving the retro feel. Going from being a complete control freak over my images, to having pretty much no control is actually really liberating!

Holga 120N with Tri-X 400 film, processed in Rodinal and scanned with the Epson V700.

The Bushrangers

I'm a huge lover of history. I find the past fascinating and it's a goal of mine to somehow find a way to combine my photography with my study of history too. For now though, I get to play and have fun!

This shoot was so much fun. My models Nathan and Natasha are so easy to work with and just naturally look the part! Images were shot on Kodak tri-X 400 film, using a Nikon F100 and the Petzval 85mm lens. Developed and scanned by me. I love what i do!

Avalon Beach

Avalon Beach is such a wonderful place to photograph. I love that we still have areas like this that remain relatively hidden and unknown to so many Geelong residents! All images shot on film and will be in the Deakin group exhibition as large prints. I'm so happy with how they've turned out, I need to continue this series for sure!

New Group Exhibition...go see this one too!

I'm so honoured to be a part of Deakin University's 2nd year student exhibition, and to have my images featured on their promotional materials! I've been in hospital with a rare auto-immune condition so have had a pretty awful couple of weeks but this has put a much needed smile back in my heart!

It's always so interesting to see student work; we'll be the next wave of artists coming out so go check it all out! So many different styles and interpretations. The Visual Arts work makes me so wish I could paint and draw. There are some gorgeous photobooks going on display too; we have such talent in our classes!

Portraits at The Old Paper Mills, Fyansford

I took the lovely Miss Caz down to the Old Paper Mills at Fyansford where we did a shoot in the rain. We both got a bit damp, and poor Caz nearly froze, but it was worth it! I wanted to try a slightly new look and she's always willing to be my (absolutely gorgeous) guinea pig :D

If you get a chance head out to the Mills for a visit; it's an amazing space and we have both decided that the Door Gallery Cafe on the premises is our new favourite cafe; awesome coffee and a great space to relax! The art studio next doors is great as well, and everyone out there is so friendly and welcoming. So check it out, we're so very lucky to have people around who are saving these wonderful old places and turning them into such special areas!

Images shot using a combination of film and digital. I'm just adoring film and loving being able to home develop my black and whites once again!